Good news! Having been shortlisted for the Crystal Cabin Award’ earlier this year, our Natural Collection has now also been nominated for the prestigious ‘German Design Award 2018’. Presented by the German Ministry for Economics and Technology, the prize is given for outstanding achievements in the fields of product and communication design.

Obviously there are strict criteria to win a nomination for this award. These include having already won a national or international design prize and being nominated by the Ministries and Senators of the Federal States or Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. We are delighted to have reached this stage and receive such an important recognition

Under our slogan ‘created by nature, perfected by Air-Craftglass’, the Natural Collection has been recognised as an innovative and revolutionary product by international experts. Come and see for yourself at the NBAA show in Las Vegas, where we will be presenting the collection at our own stand (booth no. C10221).

The Natural Collection will be fully certifiable for VIP and commercial applications in the aviation industry. It is sure to be a real game changer due to the wide range of veneers – over 500 varieties – which are laminated with our Air-Craftglass.

The chosen technique of laminated glass and veneer results in a scratch-proof and UV-resistant surface with the highest level of finish. Moreover, due to its attractive price, the Natural Collection will be available to a broader group of clients. The product provides aircraft interiors with a more high-quality look, offers passengers a better flight experience and enables many new interior applications.