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The Air-Craftglass team are looking forward to attending the Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA-BACE) at the Las Vegas Convention Center from 10 to 12 October 2017.

As we will have our own stand at this prestigious industry rendezvous we thought you would appreciate knowing in advance about the exciting new products we plan to present. Come see them first hand at our stand or arrange a meeting  to discuss how we can be of service with our solutions.

The 2018 Natural Collection

NBAA-BACE will be the backdrop for the official presentation of our Natural Collection 2018 . This remarkable range consists of more than 300 different types of veneer provided with a glass layer of 0.5 or 1.1 millimetres using a patented laminating system. Each of them fully complies with the V60 and 65/65 heat release fire standards (besides others). The collection has already been shortlisted and nominated for a number of international design prizes.

From 1 November, Air-Craftglass will provide the option to fit all our products with a Nanotechnology topcoat. This special treatment reduces dirt and fingerprints on glass by at least 60%. In the case of shower doors or other surfaces exposed to moisture, for instance, drops roll off the glass surface without leaving any marks.

This treatment considerably reduces the maintenance required by real glass. Combined with a scratch-resistant surface, you will also enjoy a significant cost reduction in terms of daily maintenance, with the low additional costs of treatment being quickly recouped.

Mirrors with magnifying effect
Air-Craftglass is the first manufacturer in the world to offer you the option to integrate a magnifying effect in your mirrors. Our technique leaves the front glass surface flat, while the magnifying segment is securely fitted in the rear. This practical solution has many possibilities and also provides the best solution in terms of safety and maintenance.

Ultra-thin silver-coated  mirrors
Air-Craftglass is the only major manufacturer of real silver-coated mirrors. These are far superior  to aluminium-coated mirrors  and a genuine global breakthrough. We will present several large mirrors  at our stand to illustrate the superior quality of our silver-coated reflective surfaces. Moreover, visitors will be able to admire the total lack of deformations and perfect smoothness of our mirrors, which is particularly striking with large surfaces.

Glass dust panels
Air-Craftglass will also showcase built-in dust panels at our stand which can pass not just the V60 but also the 65/65 heat release test. Apart from the mechanical tests, this clear Air-Craftglass product has the finest qualities  and thoroughly outclasses all comparable products available on the market.

We are expecting a great deal of interest at our stand. If you would like to make a dedicated appointment to meet in a more relaxed setting, contact us via We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

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