Air-Craftglass and AGC Glass Europe (“AGC”) have agreed to work together in order to enable Air-Craftglass to make the most of AGC’s state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing expertise.

The parties will work together in view of the supply by AGC Glass Europe of its special chemically strengthened thin glass, which will be used by Air-Craftglass products for the aviation industry. Lamination will continue to be carried out through a patented process in AirCraftglass’ own facilities. Both companies will continue to operate as separate and independent entities. As a result, Air-Craftglass will be able to offer cutting edge products and guarantee the best possible quality for its products.

All Air-Craftglass products meet or exceed standard safety criteria, such as those recently established for glass applications by the EASA and FAA (CS-25 Amendment 25/19 of 12 May 2017). This makes them a superior, high-quality glass alternative to substances such as polycarbonate and other scratch-sensitive materials that are currently still used in aircraft (for example in dust panels, mirrors and wood panels).

“AGC is part of the Asahi Glass Company group which is a global market leader in both the building glass and automotive glass markets,” explains Patrick van Bortel, director for New Business Development at AGC Glass Europe SA. “We look forward to working with AirCraftglass in order to build a strong presence in the aircraft glass niche market by combining our experience and products and Air-Craftglass’ unique product and market knowhow.”

Air-Craftglass CEO Frans van Hapert adds: “The supply of glass by the largest glass manufacturer in the world will be a major breakthrough for the market acceptance of glass products in the aviation industry. In addition to excellent quality, we will be able to immediately guarantee customers access to AGC’s products and to satisfy current demand and the strong future demand which we anticipate”. AGC shares Air-Craftglass’ strategy and vision, and will become the first glass manufacturer in the world to focus on the production of specialised lightweight and strengthened glass for the aviation industry.

download AGCAGC Glass Europe, a European leader in flat glass Based in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), AGC Glass Europe produces, processes and markets flat glass for the construction industry (external glazing and interior decoration), car manufacture and solar power applications. It is the European branch of AGC, the world’s leading producer of flat glass. It has over 100 sites throughout Europe, from Spain to Russia, and employs around 16,000 employees.

More information, see (corporate site), (glass for the construction industry), (glass for the automotive industry) and YouTube.

Air-craftglass_logo+payoff_zwartAir-Craftglass, premium glass solution for the aircraft industry Air-Craftglass started its operations in March 2016. Its patented laminating techniques and its fully certifiable range of glass for the aviation industry (mirrors, transparent glass and products in its Natural Collection) have allowed it to build a worldwide reputation for unique glass applications for the aviation industry within a very short time. The company was shortlisted for the 2017 ‘Oscars’ of the aviation industry, the Crystal Cabin Awards, as well as being nominated for some of the most prestigious European awards, the German Design Awards and the International Yacht & Aviation Awards, in 2018.
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