Air-Craftglass is looking forward to the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018, which will take place in Hamburg on 10 to 12 April. As the leading global event for the cabin interiors, inflight entertainment and passenger comfort industries, this event will showcase a host of pioneering technologies and products from all over the world. So what can you expect during your visit to our stand?

As one of the world’s most inventive companies in the field of glass applications on aircraft and beyond, Air-Craftglass will introduce several innovative solutions and unique products at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX). For instance, we will present the option to equip our mirrors with displays indicating time, date, weather, TV screen or any other information you might wish – naturally all fully integrated and with a flush surface. And did you know that we also manufacture whole display screens? Examples available for viewing at AIX will include our fully scratch-resistant glass solution with printed border and laminated screens – ready for a plug-and-play connection!


Another highlight at our stand will be ASAP: our Air-craftglass Side-impact Aluminium Profiles. These ultra-light profiles protect our mirrors from damage to the edge, the most vulnerable point of real glass. This is a comprehensive, secure and robust solution for situations where several mirrors are fitted side by side, for instance, and vibration can cause their edges to bump against each other (leading, in the worst case scenario, to cracks).

Installed correctly, the use of ASAP profiles leads to an essentially unbreakable mirror. This elegant solution is available in a number of fashionable standard aluminium colours such as natural, black, gold and rose gold, as well as many other colours. The ASAP profiles are so beautiful and elegant that they can even be added as a decorative component to our mirrors.


As the world’s leading manufacturer of lightweight and ultra-thin glass, we offer the option of providing our mirrors and clear glass products with design elements in materials such as gold, aluminium, carbon fibre and marble. Examples include silver mirrors with gold decorative borders, lenses with a carbon fibre edge finishing or a piece of laminated wood from our Natural Collection with a gold logo. This technology brings Air-Craftglass a step further in customising its product range (mirrors, clear glass and the Natural Collection) and allows clients to further personalise the identity of their business or service. You can see a teaser for this technology on our homepage.


In addition to Frans van Hapert (CEO) and Paola Ley (CFO and IMS director), Air-Craftglass will be represented at AIX by our European sales organisation, specifically representatives for Russia & Eastern Europe, Europe and the UK. To make sure we don’t disappoint anyone, we kindly request that you make an appointment before your visit so that we can ensure you the time and attention you deserve. Drop us a line at or contact us directly through your usual sales people/organisations. We look forward to welcoming you at stand 6B50 during this keynote event!