Since the establishment of our company in the first quarter of 2016, Air-Craftglass has developed an impressive variety of glass solutions which are certifiable for private, VIP and commercial aircraft. We are the only company in the aviation industry that can provide a fully certifiable glass collection, which includes transparent glass, silver mirrors and the Natural Collection (real wood veneer). We have also succeeded in obtaining countless STCs for our clients, put products through their paces in our own testing facilities, and developed many innovative solutions for the aviation industry. Global recognition for our unique products has been underlined by nominations in the past for the Crystal Cabin Award, German Design Award and International Yacht & Aviation Award.

Over recent months the Air-Craftglass team has attracted a range of interesting new projects and contracts. We will continue to introduce exciting innovations and production processes to enhance our solutions and make them even more attractive.

First time in history that real glass has been used in a passenger compartment (TTOL)
Air-Craftglass successfully completed various projects in the first quarter of 2019 for disclosed commercial airliners for using transparent and mirrored Air-Craftglass solutions. The first aircraft with this pioneering Air-Craftglass solutions are currently flying around the world, marking a genuine premier for our company.

Lightweight silver mirrors in demand
Air-Craftglass was recently commissioned to supply silver mirrors for toilet facilities by a number of aircraft manufacturers. Thanks to the application of real silver, the reflection in our mirrors is significantly higher (>90%) than currently seen with all other suppliers. Their aluminium mirrors have a reflection of just 55% to 75%, which makes for a clearly visible difference.

Moreover, Air-Craftglass mirrors ensure a natural reflection without the common ‘grey veil’ of aluminium, and they come as standard with a special coating on the back to prevent corrosion.In addition, our mirrors are 43% lighter than the commonly used plastic mirrors. The quality and guarantee conditions are key reasons for aircraft manufacturers to choose Air-Craftglass. So too is the long lifespan, which significantly enhances the replacement cycle and related expenses, reducing overall cost of ownership.

Air-Craftglass develops unique semi-transparent solution for silver mirrors
Air-Craftglass is the only producer worldwide of real silver mirrors for the aviation industry. The benefits of silver mirrors compared to the usual aluminium mirrors include the large – and clearly visible – difference in reflection, as described above. Our silver mirrors also have a special coating on the back that prevents corrosion. Air-Craftglass manufactures the mirrors under the industrial EN-1036 standard for mirrors.

A newly developed technology now makes it possible for clients to select a semi-transparent and, therefore, translucent surface. In other words: we DO NOT reduce the reflection of the mirror by making it more transparent and less reflective (as is the case with aluminium mirrors), but only do this very locally, for instance for Return To Seat (RTS) icons. This means that the RTS icon lights up in the desired colour when needed, and as prescribed by law, yet remains invisible in the mirror surface until then.

In addition to semi-visible icons we can also provide fully visible ones with a sand-blasted effect which light up extra brightly.


Air-Craftglass produces tinted mirrors in any colour
We also have immediately deliverable tinted mirrors in our portfolio. The colours are not limited to a standard range, but can be determined specifically by the client and custom-made on their behalf. This provides airlines and aircraft manufacturers with a unique opportunity to create a more personal and distinctive interior, especially when combined with other products such as our Natural Collection wood veneer product line.

Air-Craftglass colors outside the lines with their endless possibilities in light weight UV and scratch resistant glass to personalize your aircraft interior.

Natural Collection upgraded to plug-and-play product
We have applied important innovations to our Natural Collection; a range of real ultra-thin wood veneers (0.3 mm-0.5 mm) available in over 300 wood varieties, each with a colour and structure all of its own.

Our Natural Collection products is attached to a (phenolic or aluminium) honeycomb structure to which the selected veneer is pressed and provided with an ultra-thin layer of real high-gloss or anti-glare glass. This combination results in a lightweight product with a scratch-resistant and UV-proof layer of chemically tempered glass which can be mounted directly into an aircraft.

Big press for gluing the real wood veneer (0,3-0,5 mm./0,0118”-0,0196” thick) on the honeycomb to make for example complete bulkheads or table tops through fully automated production process.

This patented technology is another top-quality product which would only be possible to make at extremely high costs if conventional lacquering techniques were used. Due to the unique price/quality ratio, and the full certifiability for private, VIP and commercial aircraft, it represents a major breakthrough for future aircraft interiors.

The Natural Collection also makes it affordable and interesting for the commercial aviation sector to apply wood veneer in their new interiors. There is currently a high demand for table tops and bulkheads.

All Air-Craftglass products are made entirely in accordance with the client’s demands and can be directly installed. This results in major cost savings in production and a much shorter installation time. With the launch of our tinted mirrors and glass, the Natural Collection can now be perfectly integrated in a total Air-Craftglass interior.

Air-Craftglass representatives will be present at the coming NBAA BACE show in Las Vegas (22-24 October). If you’d like to make an appointment, please contact us via email: or by phone on +31 614 420 372.