First of all, on behalf of the entire Air-Craftglass team I hope that you are managing to stay safe and keep healthy during these unprecedented times. There is so much going on in the world right now and we’ve been inspired by the countless ways that companies have stepped up to support each other during this period of uncertainty.

There is no denying the fact that the aviation industry will never be the same as before the Covid-19 outbreak. Nearly all airlines have been forced to ground their fleet, and the number of aircraft that will fly again after measures are eased and which airlines will survive the crisis is unclear.

In addition to commercial aviation, there may also be a change of perspective with regards to private aviation. Will people choose to charter or buy their own plane, or will this market segment also face a strategic reorientation?

What we can say with certainty is that everyone flying in the future will be very focused on hygiene in the aircraft; from physical aspects like face masks and gloves to the new social distancing culture. At the same time, this unique situation is creating opportunities too and aviation may be lifted to a higher level, with maybe fewer passengers per aircraft and more expensive tickets…?

Ever since we launched Air-Craftglass we have promoted the idea of ensuing passengers a genuine ‘flight experience’. For Air-Craftglass this means offering three certifiable glass products that are safe and – more relevant than ever – extremely hygienic and easy to clean.

By providing real glass Air-Craftglass is an excellent alternative to plastics, which are far more difficult to clean. Think, for instance, separation walls, ceilings, monitors, meal tables all made from ultra-strong Air-Craftglass. Below some impressions and ideas how glass can be integrated.

Transparent glass ideas to protect passengers against Covid-19 by Pierrejean Vision – France

And Air-Craftglass is now taking this to the next level with the development of ‘touchless’ glass products. Examples include mirrors in the lavatory in which all toilet functions are ‘touchless’. By combining glass and electronics (a perfect conductor in glass), we can create the most hygienic solution possible for one of the least hygienic places on board. We hope to present our ‘touchless’ mirrors to the public soon.

Air-Craftglass sees it as our mission to work with all stakeholders and affected businesses to write a new chapter for aviation. A future with a specific focus on reducing CO2 emissions (due to weight reductions), supplying environmental products (glass is made from sand so fully recyclable) and, last but not least, providing one of the most attractive and hygienic products that can be directly applied in commercial, private and VIP aviation.

Our team is keen to be of service. Stay positive and let’s shape the future together!