Mission Statement

The past years Air-Craftglass have seen substantial growth in the aviation industry, and there an increasing demand for larger, more attractive and more luxurious aircraft. Clients (aircraft owners or users) have become more demanding, and meeting their needs has become more complex for aircraft builders and completion centres.

Moreover, there is currently more and more interest in commercial aviation in treating business and first class passengers to an ‘ultimate flight experience’. Materials are becoming more luxurious and appealing, and the plastic look is rapidly being transformed into interiors that would look equally at home in luxury dwellings or on board superyachts. Interiors are designed to impress and be as comfortable as possible with regard to noise and user-friendliness. The technologies brought to consumers by smartphones, digital televisions and other communication tools are now also in demand for applications and implementations in aviation.

For certification authorities and engineers, the issues are often complex and difficult to implement in view of the current strict regulations and preconditions. It is therefore crucial to achieve optimal and efficient communication and cooperation between producers, installers and end users. Air-Craftglass excels at these aspects and has embedded them in its DNA.

Air-Craftglass aims to set trends and work together with partners in order to realise future visions with the best quality, functions and costs. In addition to purchasing price we also focus on cost of ownership. All Air-Craftglass products must provide clients with added value – with regard to both ease of use and quality – and should continue paying for themselves even in the long run.

The cost recovery models for clients which apply to all Air-Craftglass products include:

  • Positive price/quality ratios at time of purchase.

  • Unseen possibilities in application and use; all products are made from sustainable, scratch-resistant glass.

  • All products are lightest in their class, which cuts back energy consumption and considerably reduces the environmental footprint (CO2). 

  • Air-Craftglass delivers bespoke and custom-made products; as a result, we are responsible for any quality risk. Air-Craftglass products are delivered ready to use and do not cause production bottlenecks as do traditional products (from polycarbonate and other synthetic materials), which have high common malfunction rates.

We have had and maintained this vision since 2008, and it has resulted in various spin-offs (aviation glass, aeroglass, airplane glass) in the aviation industry. We are convinced that Air-Craftglass will continue to meet all requirements and demands and change the aviation industry in a positive way.