Aircraft Lenses developed by air-craftglass

We have been able to establish excellent relationships with several window shade producers. Together with these partners, Gentex has seen the huge problems affecting the airplane windows that are currently in use. In fact, polycarbonate is unsuitable for premium products such as aviation glass due to the softness of the material (scratch-sensitive) and the material pollution from production.

This aviation glass, also known as Airplane lenses, naturally has to be optically perfect. For most airplane window manufacturers and end users, the rejection percentage or user discomfort in production are much too high. This has to change.

We responded to this problem by developing ultra-thin and ultra-light glass which is scratch-resistant, custom-made and curved in the radius required by the client. Because we use actual glass, which has been processed by means of our laminating technology (patent pending), these windows are of superior quality compared to traditional polycarbonate windows, as well as nearly 100% optically transparent. Despite its limited thickness, the glass is extremely strong and passes the most stringent technical and fire tests.

Thanks to the unique procedure we developed in house for laminating glass without flammable films, we are the only company in the world that can deliver these ultra-thin and ultra-light windows. Air-Craftglass satisfies all fire regulations and other requirements and can withstand the 65/65 heat release test: this is a must for all commercial applications.

We are also one of the first to produce large certifiable aircraft lenses, which cover two, three or a multitude of windows with a transparent glass film, and include optional integrated RGB/LED and finger touch technology.

Due to the high requirements in the aviation industry, our production process (patented) reaches the highest degree of perfection. Air-Craftglass has invested in the best clean rooms and other production techniques to ensure a perfect, ready-to-install product delivered to exact specifications of our clients.