Natural Collection: laminated aircraft wood

Air-Craftglass has a passion for craftsmanship. This includes rich finishes on natural products, such as fine and precious veneers. A refined finish enables products to be used in the most stunning interiors, from stylish villas and superyachts to commercial or private aircraft.

Strict regulations in the aviation industry mean that many beautiful and noble woods can unfortunately not be used on board aircraft. Where use of these woods is possible, it is often hampered by limitations in technology.

This is another field in which Air-Craftglass sees opportunities. Why couldn’t wood be used in situations where flammable materials are normally banned as long as it is fitted as aero glass & wood via our (patented) laminating technology?

We are currently processing ultra-thin veneer (0.2 mm thick) between glass sheets to ensure that it can withstand fire and other important tests. We expect to complete this process in mid-2017. By then we hope to be able to present over 500 aircraft wood varieties with certification under the name Air-Craftglass Natural Collection.

Air-Craftglass succeeded to develop a method to make the aircraft wood fire resistant in combination with our laminating technology. This will be a revolutionary breakthrough for the finish and apperaence of aircraft interior, both private and commercial. After all, aero glass ensures the ultimate smooth, high-gloss finish as soon as the product is laminated, eliminating the need for countless hours of difficult lacquering and polishing work by expensive craftsmen. In addition to simplifying the production process, this will also undoubtedly result in considerable price reductions and make a high-end finish attainable to a broader target group.

We are also studying the use of matte glass instead of glossy aviation glass to create a matte wood finish. Commercial applications of the laminated wood collection would include table tops (one of the most vulnerable elements on board aircraft), cupboards, trolley exteriors, pantry cupboards, class separators, bulkheads, and much more besides.

Check the Air-Craftglass website regularly to stay abreast of these fascinating developments and much more!


Natural Collection upgraded to plug-and-play product

We have applied important innovations to our Natural Collection; a range of real ultra-thin wood veneers (0.3 mm-0.5 mm) available in over 300 wood varieties, each with a colour and structure all of its own.
Our Natural Collection products is attached to a (phenolic or aluminium) honeycomb structure to which the selected veneer is pressed and provided with an ultra-thin layer of real high-gloss or frosted glass. This combination results in a lightweight product with a scratch-resistant and UV-proof layer of chemically tempered glass which can be mounted directly into an aircraft.

Big press for gluing the real wood veneer (0,3-0,5 mm./0,0118”-0,0196” thick) on the honeycomb to make for example complete bulkheads or table tops through fully automated production process.

This patented technology is another top-quality product which would only be possible to make at extremely high costs if conventional lacquering techniques were used. Due to the unique price/quality ratio, and the full certifiability for private, VIP and commercial aircraft, it represents a major breakthrough for future aircraft interiors.

The Natural Collection also makes it affordable and interesting for the commercial aviation sector to apply wood veneer in their new interiors. There is currently a high demand for table tops and bulkheads.

All Air-Craftglass products are made entirely in accordance with the client’s demands and can be directly installed. This results in major cost savings in production and a much shorter installation time. With the launch of our tinted mirrors and glass, the Natural Collection can now be perfectly integrated in a total Air-Craftglass interior.