Production Air-Craftglass


The factory where we assemble all our Air-Craftglass products is situated in Turnhout, Belgium. Our production facilities are located on the Philips manufacturing campus, which has a surface area of 18.5 hectares and includes some 85,000 m2 of buildings.
Air-Craftglass therefore has highly flexible expansion options available without having to move to a new production site in the future. Moreover, Turnhout is located at the heart of the triangle formed by Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Leuven (Belgium) and Aachen (Germany), home to some of the world’s most productive and innovative companies. The production facilities are located directly by the exit of the E34 motorway (Turnhout-West), with Eindhoven, Brussels and Düsseldorf Airport, all within just 150 km by car.

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In addition to our production facilities, which meet all the necessary requirements to create top-quality products, the Air-Craftglass premises include a porter’s lodge and security checkpoint, a private parking area, a test centre & production laboratory, a private emergency aid station, a fire station, technical services and a company cafeteria.
The facilities at Air-Craftglass ensure that your products are in reliable hands and are treated on a highly confidentially way. Unauthorised parties have no access to our offices or production environment without our permission and will always be subject to our security protocols.

Product certification

Air-Craftglass has its own production testing department and access to certified testing equipment on the premises for carrying out mechanical and environmental tests. It also has good contacts with authorised external testing centres for the performance of various flammability tests, enabling us to realise these procedures as (cost-) efficiently as possible.
We are familiar with making test plans in accordance with EASA and FAA standards and with authorisation by EASA and FAA witnesses. This makes confirming the applicability of our products as easy as possible. All our glass products meet the certification requirements imposed by the EASA and FAA. Air-Craftglass is also happy to provide advice on the certification requirements which apply to your product.


Air-Craftglass has its own crew of engineers who will support you during the entire process, from concept to the delivery of a certifiable product. As glass is a reasonably new material in aviation, and the applicability of our products is subject to specific requirements, their knowledge is invaluable to the success of your and our mission.
We have the software needed to help you develop the technical drawings for the glass solution that suits your needs. This helps us provide an efficient trajectory, from product development to implementation. All in all, this contributes to substantial time savings as well as optimal results.

ISO9001:2015 certification

Air-Craftglass is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has a proper IMS (Integrated Management System) in place. Management and the rest of the company, from office to production staff, have a strong focus on quality. This is underlined by the procedures that apply across the entire Air-Craftglass organisation.

All our suppliers are at least ISO9001:2015 certified, allowing us to guarantee and facilitate full traceability of our products. Moreover, suppliers are all situated within a range of 40 to 200 km to enable audits at the various production locations.