Our intention is not just to co-develop a substitution for polycarbonate materials with our clients, but to also add new technology in the glass itself and, in effect, create a new standard in the market.

Gentex aims to provide all the options which give glass an edge over other materials in the market by implementing new technologies and bringing to the market the dynamic array of options for which our clients have been waiting. Our goal is to be a market leader, bringing to life fresh and useful ideas in real glass solutions and growing together with our clients.

Lenses and dust panels
Glass doors (e.g. for showers)
Glass bulkheads
Table tops
Cabinet doors and windows
Decorated glass elements
airplane glass
aircraft glass

We recently developed a range of transparent products which can be deployed as dust panels/lenses (1), bulkheads, shower doors, cabinet glass and for other uses. We also developed ultra-thin mirror glass (2), as well as an application that involves real wood laminated between two sheets of ultra-thin glass (3). These mirrors can be used in lavatories or kitchens, while the laminated wood can be used for items such as cabinets and table tops.

Air-Craftglass has many advantages over polycarbonate. Not only does it have a luxurious look and feel, but our glass for the aviation industry outperforms polycarbonate in every aspect.

Ultra Strong


Scratch resistant


Noise reducing

UV resistant


Environmentally friendly

Specifications Air-Craftglass

Air-Craftglass is unique thanks to a special laminating technique (patented). This method allows us to produce ultra-thin laminated glass sheets, ranging from 1.2 mm/0.047” to 6 mm/0.236” in overall thickness. We use a special glass type, known as one of the strongest types of glass in the world. Better yet, a specially developed tempering method enables us to increase its strength fivefold. Once two sheets of glass are laminated together, the final product remains flexible while becoming extremely strong – in fact, it is virtually unbreakable and limitless in it’s application possibilities. Read more about: