Technology & Innovation

The patented lamination technology behind Air-Craftglass is unique to the aviation industry. Gentex has partnerships with leading OEM manufacturers and their subcontractors to provide superior solutions in terms of aesthetics and comfort levels, ensuring passengers a more pleasant flight experience. We also assist OEM efforts in achieving national and international regulatory requirements.

We are recognised as a provider of glass products which look great and offer a durability that is second to none. Our Air-Craftglass is used to create cleanable, durable, lightweight interior transparencies and surfaces on private, VIP and commercial aircraft and offer an excellent value proposition in the process.

Strongest glass available

Scratch resistant

Highest industrial standards



Unbeatable in price

Reliable in quality & delivery

25% lighter than polycarbonate

UV resistant

Customized final product

Noise reduction of 10-25%



Environmentally friendly

Work with us

Air-Craftglass is a specially developed, lightweight solution to assist OEMs in passing the rigorous standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration, European Aviation Safety Agency, International Civil Aviation Organization, and the airline industry.

Air-Craftglass products are designed to meet and exceed the specifications of leading aircraft manufacturers and their subcontractors in terms of inhibiting smoke, fire, toxicity and other effects from aircraft operation in order to meet industry requirements.

  • We offer bench-to-market expertise and know-how, working with customers to develop successful products aimed at the right market. Our development programs include a firm commitment to be on-time and on-budget.
  • We offer development programs that aim to provide prototype scale and commercial scale production and design using both our own and customer-owned material